NASA Hubble captures the delicate dance between two interacting galaxies. Setting the scene at more than 100 million light-years away from Earth, the lower galaxy clearly tugs at the galaxy on the upper right, which appears to extend one spiral arm downward. The two galaxies are classified as spiral, but their shapes appear different due to their orientation in respect to Earth. Astronomers think that collisions between spiral galaxies like this can lead to the formation of another type of galaxy, known as elliptical galaxies. As extremely massive and energetic these collisions may be, it is no quickstep. Collisions like these often take place over hundreds of millions of years, so we should not expect this dancing pair to look any different during the course of our lifetimes.

Credit: NASA/ EuropeanSpaceAgency/ Hubble/ J. Dalcanton; Acknowledgment: J. Schmidt.

(Via NASA on Instagram)